Autofill 1.0.0, CoordinatorLayout 1.1.0 and a lot of new RC/Betas

Kirill Rozov


When the attention of Android developers was focused on Kotlin Conf. But Google released new updates in Android Jetpack.

New Stable Releases

Autofill 1.0.0

The library is small. It contains only constants for autofill hint. You can find new constants in HintConstants class.

More about autofill can be found here.

Coordinator Layout 1.1.0

  • CoordinatorLayout now implements NestedScrollingParent3 and CoordinatorLayout.Behavior implements a new overload of onNestedScroll to enable Behaviors to be able to report how much scroll distance they consume to nested scrolling children (during the dispatchNestedScroll()/onNestedScroll() pass)
  • Improved support of accessibility inCoordinatorLayout
  • CoordinatorLayout.DefaultBehavior annotation is deprecated. Now to specify default behavior for CoordinatorLayout you need to use CoordinatorLayout.AttachedBehavior

For all who implement their own Behaviour or support nested scrolling in a custom view it’s time to support the changes

New alphas


The CameraX library is under active development. New artifact CameraX Lifecycle 1.0.0-alpha01 was released that simplify initialization of the CameraX and provides LifecycleCameraProvider

Dynamic Animation

Under development but for now nothing interesting

One more minor step to stable releases

Many libraries moved one step close to release with new RC/Beta versions: Activity, Browser, Fragment, Lifecycle, ViewModel SavedState, Navigation, RecyclerView Selection, ShareTarget, Sqlite, and Transition. The updates contain bug fixes, updates of documentation and dependencies updates.

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